Admission Guidelines

In order to make a booking for hospitalisation on an ordinary, programmed or day-hospital basis, call the following numbers:

1. Medicine and surgery department

Admissions booking office 059 – 449170 - Hours 9-13 -- 15.30 – 18.30

  • Preparatory information and hospitalisation times
  • Methods of payment and reimbursement
  • Requesting the clinical record

2 Medical-surgical and thoracic vascular department

Admissions booking office 059 - 449237 - Hours 9-13 -- 15 - 18


Hesperia Hospital is a private hospital accredited with the SSN (national health service), and patients can therefore be admitted in a variety of ways:

È pertanto possibile effettuare:

  • under the SSN (for all Italian citizens residing in all regions except Emilia Romagna, where regional restrictions apply)
  • with private funds
  • with private insurance

Admission may be for:

  • regular hospitalisation
  • day-hospital/day-surgery

LHesperia Hospital’s Direction, in order to ensure the young patients in neonatal and pediatric age an easier and safer hospitality, believes it is important to point out some general rules of life in the department to facilitate your involvement in this delicate moment of care to the child.

Please note that during the entire hospitalization the child has the right to have at his side 24h a day a parent or relative delegate, to whom hospitality is guaranteed day and night, including meals.

The department staff is trained and organized to encourage your participation in the care and promote contact and relationship with your child

n the specific case of elective surgery that your child has to face, you can have a psychological support service to which you can refer directly contacting the Department of Psychologist, Dr. Daniela Gambetti, who answers the telephone number 059-449591.

To permit compliance with health and hygiene is recommended to minimize the visits of relatives and friends of the young patients.


Upon release from hospital, which requires the joint authorisation of the doctor and the head nurse, the patient receives a summary letter detailing the course of diagnosis-therapy, which is dated, signed and addressed to the patient’s GP.

The letter is formulated in the following way: 

  • Name, surname, and date of birth of the patient
  • Name of the Tutor doctor (or the appointed doctor in the event that the services were delivered by a multidisciplinary team)
  • Reason for hospitalisation
  • Date of hospitalisation
  • ...

••• THE ROOMS •••

Hesperia Hospital has 125 beds including 100 for ordinary hospitalisation and 25 in Intensive Care Unit subdivided into intensive care, sub-intensive care and UTIC (intensive coronary care unit) all completely equipped.

The rooms are either single or twin and furnished in pale blue colours. Single rooms provide a more comfortable form of accommodation and carry a higher cost for the patient. Each room, which is equipped according to the type of hospitalisation, has the following features:

  • adjustable air conditioning
  • adjustable bed
  • medical gas and suction/vacuum system
  • emergency button
  • reading light
  • ...
Useful numbers

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Charter of services

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